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           Evidence-based programs that are good for your mind and body and soul,

            such as thalassotherapy, natural remedies, yoga, and psychotherapy,

                                        and a connection to local people and culture.


                             Incorporating healthy meals and places recommended by locals,

          A wellness tour  refreshes, encourages  and rejuvenates

                                         your mind, body and soul while enjoying sightseeing.

          That is our Japanese wellness tours!

                                          (For details, see the "Introduction to Japanese Wellness Tourism" video below.)


What is a Japanese wellness tourism?


Inner peace creates an outer peace.Taking care of yourself and be kind to yourself  leads you to do the same to the environment and people surrounding you.
It is a contribution to the SDGs through travel.


We collaborate and create wellness tours with Professor Masashi Arakawa of the University of Ryukyu (in Okinawa), who is a leading Japanese expert in wellness tourism in Japan.


Through the nature and culture of the destination and the connections with the local people, you will be healed not only your mind and body, but also your soul. You will regain  your self-integration and enrich your lives.

Local people and cultures are warm-welcoming you!

We value the "Tsunagari"(=connection) with local people and local culture.So that not only we provide the healthy food and welness programs, we also provide you the oppotunity to connect with local people  and their daily lives.

Our Wellness Tours in Japan


This is a 3 Days tour includes Sacred Sites in Nanjo, Okinawa

and many wellness programs such as Morning Yoga, Mediation at the beach and other refreshing programs!


You can also enjoy the hot spring and fresh, healthy food during the tour!


*The Sacred sites and Places we will visit:

  • Kudaka island (Known as the God's island)
  • Seifu-Utaki (the World Heritage)
  • East Corse of sacred places from Ryukyu Kingdom.
  • Cape Chinen 
  • Hot spring


This is a 3 Days tour includes Sacred Sites in Kozushima island, Tokyo.

Many wellness programs such as Staying in a local family, Beach Hula, Relaxation Stargazing, hiking and Natural Talasso hotspring!


You can also enjoy the fresh, healthy homemade dishes and experience a local life during the tour!

*The Sacred sites and Places we will visit:

  • Takowan Bay (Known as sacried water)
  • Mt. Tenjo (hiking)
  • Natural Thalasso hotspring
  • 3 Shirnes
  • Staying 2 nights at local family's house

SDGs × Wellness Tour


We create tours with hotels, restaurants, guides that care about the natural environment and people.

We contribute to  good health and well-being to our customers though our wellness tours.

We promise to comply with the new Coronavirus Disease Control Measures.